How drugs work


My name’s Rachael and I’m writing to you from a digital media company that works with pharmaceutical companies.

I’m looking for an artist to commission for 2 drug Mode Of Actions (MOAs).┬áThere are 2 conferences where a physician will be on stage describing how a drug works (a different drug for each conference) Whilst the physician is talking, we would like to play a sped up film of a painting being painted to demonstrate what he/she is saying.

We will need to work with the artist in advance to brief them and probably see the pieces painted before hand  to get an idea of how they will look. Then for the film we will film the artist painting from scratch and all in one go, which we can then edit and speed up in post production. In total this will be a good few days work.

Ideally we are looking for an oil painter or a spray paint/graffiti artist. It will be a big, landscape picture which can be quite abstract.