It was the year of my 25th Wedding Anniversary and I was struggling to think of an unusual present that summed up the last 25 years with my wife

Jewellery was an idea but hardly a surprise

I then thought about recapping on all the years we had lived together and what was special.

I decided to find a way of giving her “her perfect day” , a day when she could do all the things that were special – certainly not exciting in the true sense but things that held fond memories:

The lake where we spend a lot of time with our dogs

Watching her favourite film with our 2 children

Her favourite shop

Our favourite restaurant

Our local Pub

But I wanted it to last forever

So I came up with the idea of a painting, in her favourite style but that included all those memories, and more

I searched the web and found Commission an artist, decided Lisa was the best match for the style I wanted and we took it from there

And from my VERY amateurish sketches and a few photos she created a breath-taking picture that now has pride of place in our house

My wife was speechless, and it always raises a smile, whether it be spotting our 3 cats or our “lucky “ number 7

All of this was done over the web, to this day I have never met Lisa although we spoke and exchanged e mails as the project developed

All in all a fantastic experience from both Commission an artist through to the final work of art! (Jonathan, London)