Busy painting for my wife


Hope you can help me

I am considering buying my wife a painting for our 25th wedding anniversary – I would like something that was personal but fun

I have taken a look at your site and the style most in keeping with our taste are  the ones shown by Lisa  – but I am open to suggestions

We  like “busy” paintings – as an example we have an original by rozanne bell – balloons – that features several buildings and people going about their day to day activity

We also like artists such as alister colley (which is why I mentioned Lisa as her town at night is very similar, I also like the distant images in train station and Russian fairytale and the colours in princess and the pea

Hopefully the following shows what I am trying to achieve:

A painting that contains lots of activity but somewhere amongst everything are things such as :

A couple with a Labrador walking around a lake  – representing our favourite past time

3 cats of different colour – our rescue cats probably in the garden or on the bed !

A rainbow – representing the wizard of oz – her favourite film

A  garden with a tyre swing – representing our garden

A couple of boys playing together  – representing our 2 children

A garden table and chairs with 2 glasses and a bottle of wine – post walk reward!

A christmas reference – her favourite time of the year

The idea is not to have a painting about us – but to have personal things “hidden” amongst everything else in the picture

I can obviously firm up this list but would welcome your suggestions

In terms of size – I was thinking of maximum  framed size of 3.5ft x3.5ft

Hope this is all you need but if you need any more information please let me know

Rgds,  Jonathan


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